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Jun 20 10

Snakes and Scorpions

by lacqui

@LittleWonderLee brings this Egyptian proverb to the table:

Because we focused on the snake, we missed the scorpion.

Dangers come in many forms; some obvious, others not so much.  And not only dangers; opportunities, as well, may be missed as you focus on one task.

This is easier for an organization to handle than for an individual, as the organization can assign some people to focus on one task while others watch for incoming dangers and opportunities.

Yet even the individual is able to balance himself.  While you are attending to a task, keep a weather eye out for other issues.  Take the time to take a break from your task, and use part of that time to look for other problems.

Don’t get stung by that scorpion.

Jul 6 09

Dawn of the Dinosaurs

by lacqui

I took the family today to see the new Ice Age movie at the local cheap theatre.  Well, local to our current location, anyway.  Being the cheap theatre, it didn’t have the 3-D effects, but since I was with a baby, I didn’t want to pay double for my tickets, and still have to leave the theatre whenever the young one got fussy.

Even with having to duck out every now and then, I thought the movie was good, as did my family.  It wasn’t a kids-only movie; there was some subtlety in it to keep adults entertained, as well as in-your-face animated action for the entire family.  However, if you’re not using the 3-D glasses, there’s nothing in it that I found especially required the big screen.  If it hadn’t been in the cheap theatre (and us on vacation with a little looseness in the budget), it would have been a rental.